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Suzhou Best Electric Co. Ltd.

Address: Taicang City Shuangfeng town of Oujiang Road No. 10

Contact: Mr。 Kim

Tel: 0512-88897888 88897666

Fax: 0512-88897898 88897899



Suzhou possehl Teng Electric Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, located in Suzhou Kunshan Expressway Shuangfeng exit, close to 204 National Road, convenient transportation, professional R & D and manufacture of various types of fluoride resistant motor, suitable for commercial air conditioning, hermetic and semi hermetic refrigeration compressor, screw compressor, and based on professional refrigeration industry.

Company strictly according to B09001 quality management system operation, product quality in the industry leading level, and to provide the most complete varieties of sealing, semi sealing and screw compressor motor products。 In addition, our company has a complete product line and strong design and production capabilities。 Detection means complete, and undertake a variety of motor processing, manufacturing business。 Provide efficient and special motor products。

Suzhou possehl Teng Electric Co。 cooperation with domestic universities, the establishment of graduate workstation and the Nanjing University of Science and Technology。 In the development of new products, automation control, motor testing, motor type testing and other projects, research collaboration。 The company also has a variety of patents more than 10, rich technical reserves。 Is willing to share with customers the scientific and technological achievements and quality products。

The company adhere to the advanced technology with superior management, adheres to the "quality first, innovative products, efficient production, energy saving" business philosophy, to create a new green environmental protection, harmonious enterprise and make unremitting efforts to.


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