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Application of refrigeration compressor

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I. a driven fluid machine for conveying gases and increasing gas pressure in a refrigeration compressor. Is the heart of the refrigeration system, the refrigerant gas inhalation tube at low temperature and low pressure from the air, through the operation of the motor drives the piston to compress it after high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas discharge pipe to the exhaust, to provide power for the refrigeration cycle, so as to realize the refrigeration cycle compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation. Refrigeration compressor is the core and heart of refrigeration system. The capabilities and characteristics of the compressor determine the capabilities and characteristics of the refrigeration system. In a sense, the design and matching of the refrigeration system reflects the capacity of the refrigeration compressor. Therefore, the refrigeration industry in the world has invested a great deal of effort in the research of refrigeration compressors, and new research directions and achievements have been emerging. Refrigeration compressor technology and performance levels change with each passing day. There are many kinds of compressor. According to the principle of operation, the refrigeration compressor can be divided into constant displacement compressor and variable displacement compressor.

Second。 Characteristics of refrigeration compressor:

Constant displacement refrigeration compressor

1, most of the closed piston compression mechanism, the amount of cold does not exceed 0.5KW, mainly used in home refrigerators / freezers and small commercial refrigeration equipment.

2, the vortex compression cooling machine range of 0.75 to 15KW, and most of the 3 to 5KW, the most application is in small household air conditioning, commercial air-conditioning system. This type of compressor is not used for refrigeration conditions at 5 degrees below zero.

3 、 centrifugal refrigeration compressor is mainly used in air conditioning unit chiller.

4, single screw compressor refrigeration capacity in 30kw-1500kw, can be used for cold storage, artificial ice and water chiller。

5, semi enclosed piston type refrigeration compressor is widely used, a single refrigeration capacity from 3kw-100kw, while multi head in parallel, thus providing a cooling capacity range from 3kw-1000kw, multi condition use, not only can be used in refrigeration condition, but also for air conditioning.

6, open piston refrigeration compressor, often used in cold storage, a small number of air-conditioning unit chiller。

Third。 Development of refrigeration compressor:

Semi hermetic screw compressor, China's domestic refrigeration compressor enterprises have long been accustomed to large-scale production model, used to benefit by quantity. But in the fierce price competition, with the increasingly lower product margins, when producing millions of compressors can only get millions of dollars in profits in the case of some special refrigeration compressor is a kind of way. Special refrigeration compressors are all inclusive and cannot be enumerated here. But their common characteristics are small production scale, single profit, rapid product transformation, and most of the cases need to be specially designed for the user's requirements. This kind of product more and more caused the Chinese compressor enterprise's attention. Such as China's several enterprises are developing or already have the production capacity of on-board refrigerator compressor.

Fourth. Application of refrigeration compressor:

The A。 index is now most of the market Chinese refrigeration compressor refrigeration compressor unit is mainly composed of some refrigeration enterprises occupied Europe Japan and the United States。 The more famous enterprises such as Carrier, Trane, York, Mike Weil, AXIMA, Ebara and MITSUBISHI rely on advanced technology and good process leading from the market heart chillers。 Domestic enterprises mainly for Chongqing GM, early the introduction of NREC technology to develop the centrifugal refrigeration machine。 With the development of society, more and more users need cold high, because such requirements make the centrifugal unit has more and more wide market。 Some domestic air-conditioning manufacturers such as Haier, GREE, Australia Kema and the United States have launched their own。 Large refrigeration compressor unit cooperate with AXIMA to develop a centrifugal heat pump centrifugal chiller and district heating。 Most of these units by centrifugal refrigerant R134a。

B. with the energy shortage, energy saving is a major trend in product development. In addition Chinese due to increasing levels of urbanization, building energy consumption will continue to increase. The centrifugal chiller has the highest coefficient of performance will undoubtedly become a hot market in recent years, centrifugal cold water unit sales increase.

C。 most of China's centrifugal water chiller enterprises only buy imported compressors, basically no profit。 Foreign centrifuge manufacturers will not easily transfer their own core technology, to the development of refrigeration compressor, only walk the path of independent development。 With the design and manufacturing technology continues to mature, the development of domestic centrifugal compressor is possible。

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