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The three things you have to know about buying screw compressors!

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Which should I buy the air compressor? How to choose? This is a lot of air compressor to buy air compressor when the common problem, buy screw compressor when also need to pay attention to, to avoid some problems.

Some things that may need to be noticed when buying screw compressors:

1. of the purchase of the screw compressor, should not put the price in the first place, but should be quality, practical products, services, and customer service are placed in front of the screw compressor quality is not cheap, what is the use, early is to help you save money, but the latter part of the maintenance costs. Today? Out of the fault to the maintenance of screw compressor, the fault tomorrow to repair?

Buy 2。 screw compressor, need to understand their actual needs, not small demand: the actual procurement needs only 7。5KW, has purchased a 15KW screw air compressor, so easily lead to excess supply and the screw compressor often to stop gas run out, then definitely continued to boot, has a great influence on the service life of the air compressor。 Also avoid large demand, small procurement, resulting in demand for the situation。

3. air compressor manufacturers also need to understand the strength, understand the manufacturer's reliability and visibility; of course this is not absolute, after all, a good reputation, the strength of the air compressor manufacturers are the majority of users have been recognized in the industry, in order to survive.

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