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Cold storage refrigeration equipment how to carry out maintenance?

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To complete the repair work of semi closed refrigeration compressor case, we must first check the gap between the semi closed refrigeration compressor parts is in the normal range, if it is too large or too small will cause the gas coefficient changed so that the cooling effect. Secondly, we should examine the following aspects.

1. cold storage units in the early operation, should carefully observe the compressor return oil situation, and keep clean. If the oil surface is not clean enough or the oil surface drops, it is necessary to refuel or replace the oil in time. This avoids lubrication

2。 sound judgment for cold storage equipment。 Listen carefully to the running sound of water pumps, cooling towers, compressors and fans。 If they do not conform to the routine, they should be checked and repaired in time。 The location of inspection and repair can be referenced, and the vibration of the compressor, the exhaust pipe and the foot rest can be referenced。

3., often observe the operation of compressor equipment, check the exhaust temperature, in season change, when the temperature difference is big, we should pay special attention to the operation. If abnormal, timely check, adjust the system condensing temperature and liquid supply situation

4。 check the water pump is working properly。 Is the mildew switch working?。 If the exception should be dealt with promptly

5. for cooling equipment, often should check the cooling water turbidity. Always make necessary changes to the cooling water. And check whether the water supply system runs, runs, drops, leaks and other conditions exist.

6。 cold storage refrigeration compressor maintenance: under normal circumstances, in the cold storage equipment running 30, should replace a frozen oil and dry filter。 Replace it after six months。

There are a lot of cold storage refrigeration equipment, core products, which is a semi closed refrigeration compressor, the compressor types on the market there are many, in the choice of when consumers still have to choose according to specific requirements, and do the maintenance work in the daily use。

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