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Freon "class" natural refrigeration into the market, "new favorite."

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Under the dual pressures of protecting the ozone layer and slowing global warming, traditional refrigerants such as Freon have gradually moved towards the "end of class". In the days before the meeting of the "China refrigeration exhibition theme of the seminar, the reporter found that a natural" refrigeration motor technology "is becoming a market darling".

Many people know "Freon" from household refrigerator, which scientists call fluorinated greenhouse gases, including hydrogen chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), the former is notorious repute "ozone killer", the latter is accelerating global warming potential"。 The study found that fluorinated greenhouse gas has thousands of times higher than carbon dioxide, global warming potential, has accounted for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, if not eliminated, is expected to 2050 this figure will rise to 8。6%, the "contribution" is equivalent to the 2004 world car carbon dioxide emissions。

Between the two kinds of fluorinated greenhouse gases, the "Montreal Protocol" to choose a "window, wall" attitude: in the "HCFC warrant" at the same time, allowing HFCS as a temporary substitute。 The move, while protecting the ozone layer, has accelerated global warming。

Therefore, it is necessary to find a substitute for the best of both worlds. Experts said that using water and air as the representative of the natural refrigerant, ammonia, carbon dioxide, is the choice of co-existence. It is reported that natural refrigeration technology has been in Europe and parts of China to promote the application, there are more than 200 million global use of natural refrigeration technology "green freezer" came out.

"Natural refrigerants are very suitable for promotion in China, and enterprises can upgrade their products without spending too much."." Shanghai Jiaotong University Institute of refrigeration and Cryogenics professor Wang Ruzhu said at the meeting, in addition to environmental significance, the price of natural refrigerants and freon and other traditional refrigerants, or even cheaper. At present, the matching energy-saving technologies have come into being.

It is understood that, at present, China's four major ice base production base in three has been part of the use of natural refrigeration technology, China's sale of domestic freezers, 35% belong to the "green freezer."". However, most refrigeration equipment companies, especially commercial freezers manufacturers, still rely heavily on traditional technology.

As the world's largest producer of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, our country will be in 2013 to completely freeze hcfc. How to choose the substitute scientifically has become an urgent problem in the development of refrigeration industry in china. In this regard, Greenpeace CSR project director Fan Liping at the meeting called for the development of relevant laws and regulations, the government should as soon as possible, to promote the natural refrigeration technology, which can make the transition Chinese refrigeration industry environmental pollution, beyond the stage of development is not sustainable, direct towards cleaner production.

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