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Chinas smart air penetration rate lead the white Market

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The concept of smart home has gone deep into the minds of consumers。 China's air conditioning industry has developed rapidly in this field, and has become a relatively popular smart white appliance。

According to the GfK monitoring data show that from January 2017 to April, Chinese smart refrigerator, smart washing machine and intelligent air conditioner retail sales accounted for the overall retail sales of each product 7.5%, 22.5% and 33.2%, of which the highest proportion of intelligent air conditioning.

The use of washing machines and air conditioning is instantaneous, and the connection function can be most directly reflected in the switch on the basis, so the connection is the most practical and the first step in the market. Among them, the smart air conditioning application scenarios are more easily recognized by consumers, so it's the best performance in the market.

In 2017, China's smart air-conditioning market share of new products reached 72.4%

From January 2017 to April, the new market share of smart air conditioners in China has soared from 3.2% in 2014 to 72.4%. New share of intelligent air-conditioning index rose, on the one hand, air conditioning intelligent threshold is lower, the more important reason is that the Chinese market for smart air-conditioning recognition is very high.

Chinese air conditioning industry has accelerated to the Internet transformation

In 2014, China ordinary machine of air conditioner and intelligent air conditioning hook spread nearly a thousand yuan, Guiji spread is more than 2500 yuan, while in 2017 the spread has been basically eliminated。

The first phase of intelligent air conditioning is mainly based on Intelligent connections. At present, this technology has become mature, and the overall acceleration of the transformation to the Internet has become a consistent choice for air-conditioning enterprises.

With the further popularization of intelligent connection technology, the profit margins of air-conditioning manufacturers have been compressed, prompting the development of intelligent air-conditioning with higher resources. Future intelligent voice interaction function or can become the second phase of intelligent air-conditioning development.

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