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Refrigeration compressors have been widely used

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At present, the domestic compressor manufacturers through the introduction of technology, technical cooperation or independent research and development, improve the technological content and product quality, but its products compared with the international advanced level, there is still a gap in the line, noise, oil efficiency etc。。

With the improvement of the environment, energy consumption and environmental protection, the energy saving of the chiller is also one of the trends. At present, the domestic COP series screw refrigeration compressor has been higher than the value of the piston compressor, and has been achieved in the range of 10%-100% stepless energy regulation and adjustable volume, which is also conducive to energy saving.

According to reports, the use of screw refrigeration compressor is two with helical tooth screw is arranged in the machine body is meshed with the inner wall of the machine body and the rotation and with suction and exhaust end seat wall, causing changes in the tooth space, thus completing the gas suction, compression and discharge process.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of tooth shape and other structures, the performance has been greatly improved. Plus screw compressor no clearance volume, high efficiency, no suction, exhaust valve devices and other vulnerable parts. Therefore, the screw refrigeration compressor has become an advanced refrigeration compressor, especially the fuel injection screw compressor is one of the main types of refrigeration compressor, and has been widely used.

With the development of refrigeration compressor industry, the screw refrigeration compressor has replaced the piston compressor. Screw refrigeration compressor has the characteristics of small size, light weight, easy maintenance and so on. These characteristics will speed up the market share of spiral refrigeration compressors.

Screw refrigeration compressor industry is a technology intensive industry, the production process is relatively complex, high precision machining, new products and technology is difficult, the sustainable development of enterprises of both the research and development and technical reserves, also need some practice experience.

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