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Market demand status of screw refrigeration compressor industry in China

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The downstream industries of screw refrigeration motors are mainly commercial central air-conditioning industry and industrial refrigeration industry.

With the improvement of people's living and working environment comfort, the commercial central air conditioning develops rapidly。 Central air-conditioning industry statistics show that in 2004, China's central air conditioner market showed rapid growth, the growth rate was 48%。 Commercial central air-conditioning industry in the real estate development department, logistics, construction of large public buildings, driven by continued strong demand, expected from 2005 to 2010, the central air conditioner with an average annual sales growth rate of about 10% ~ 20%。 Screw units will therefore be vigorously developed, in the medium-sized 30RT-500RT central air-conditioning field, screw compressor has gradually replaced the piston compressor。

The demand for industrial refrigeration equipment is steadily increasing with the increasing demand for industrial technology. The proportion of refrigeration and refrigeration industry in the whole refrigeration industry is about 20%, far below the proportion of 40% in the international mature market. The market potential of frozen and frozen industry is very high, especially the medium and low temperature frozen and refrigerated equipment has a bright future in the fields of agriculture, fishing and animal husbandry. Compared with the developed countries, the mainland has a great gap in the frozen, frozen, logistics and other agricultural and sideline products such as agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry and so on. Optimistic about the average annual growth rate of industrial refrigeration and refrigeration equipment is about 20% to 25%, neutral growth rate is expected to 10% ~ 20% between 2006-2010.

Refrigeration compressor can be divided into small and medium-sized refrigeration compressor refrigeration compressor, in which small refrigeration compressor is mainly used in the freezer (mainly, reciprocating and rotary structure conversion technology is the future direction of development) and refrigeration car (vehicle type screw compressor is the direction of the field); large and medium-sized refrigeration compressor is mainly used in railway refrigerated the car, refrigerated ships, refrigerated containers and cold storage, reciprocating, screw type。 The screw compressor due to its characteristic of long term for 24 hours running, and the technology used in the cryogenic system of progress, its performance is greatly improved, in Europe and other developed countries, in the low temperature refrigeration system, screw compressor began to gradually replace the traditional piston type models become standard。

Based on the judgement of the central air-conditioning industry and the refrigeration and refrigeration industry, it is estimated that the annual growth rate of the screw refrigeration compressor industry in the next 5 years will be about 10% to 20%, and the market demand will continue to be brisk.

Screw refrigeration compressor industry supply and competitive pattern of screw refrigeration compressor industry is a technology intensive industry, the production process is relatively complex, high precision machining, new products and technology is difficult, the sustainable development of enterprises of both the research and development and technical reserves, also need some practice experience。 At present, the screw compressor manufacturers through the introduction of technology, technical cooperation or independent research and development, improve the technological content and product quality, but its products compared with the international advanced level, there is still a gap in the line, noise, oil efficiency etc。。

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