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These problems occur in semi hermetic refrigeration compressors, so long as they can be easily solved

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Skirt, air conditioning, ice cream seems to be our impression of the summer, the summer was the most thrilling thing is covered with blankets, blowing air conditioning playing mobile phone eating popsicles bar, popsicle production need to use semi closed refrigeration compressor, can give the production and preservation of a low temperature environment. However, if the semi closed refrigeration compressor appeared, these problems need to be dealt with in a timely manner.

1, sudden power outages

If the refrigeration compressor operation when a sudden power failure, should be immediately cut off the power switch and the compressor suction valve and exhaust valve closed, while closing the liquid supply valve, stop for the fluid to the evaporator, so the next time you start the machine when the evaporator liquid produced too much wet compression.

2, suddenly stop the water supply

If the cooling water suddenly breaks down, the power shall be cut off immediately, and the compressor shall be stopped to avoid the excessive pressure of the condenser。 After the compressor stops, the suction, exhaust valve and relevant liquid supply valve of the compressor shall be switched off immediately, and the reasons shall be checked to eliminate the trouble and restart after the water supply is resumed。

3, refrigeration compressor failure stop

In the operation of a compressor parts damage and urgent shutdown, if time permits may be the normal shutdown operation, if an emergency situation, to turn off the power in the closed suction and exhaust valve and liquid supply valve。 If the refrigeration equipment running ammonia or refrigeration compressor failure, should cut off the power supply workshop, wearing anti-virus clothing and masks for repairs。 At this point should be opened all the fans, and if necessary, water can be poured into the leaking parts, in order to facilitate repairs。

4, fire stop

If the adjacent building fires endanger the refrigeration system safety, the power should be cut off, and quickly open the reservoir, condenser, evaporator, ammonia oil separator the exhaust valve, quickly open the emergency water valve and ammonia discharging device, the liquid ammonia system in emergency ammonia discharging outlet, and diluted by a large number of water and prevent the spread of fire explosion。

5 、 wet stroke stop

In operation, if the refrigerant compressor takes place, the wet stroke shall be handled separately according to its severity. Slight wet stroke shall be turned off, or the suction valve or expansion valve shall be turned off. For the more severe wet stroke, stop the engine immediately, turn off the suction valve and expansion valve. Occurrence of wet stroke serious, should be let go or use other refrigerants, refrigeration compressor crankcase, taking the refrigerant in the crankcase and the cylinder, and the replacement of lubricants, vacuum pumping, pressure leak test, we can start the test machine.

The quality of semi hermetic compressor will determine the cooling capacity and cooling costs, so when consumers in the purchase must be careful not to choose semi hermetic compressor quality problems, or increase the cost is small, failure will affect the whole production in big trouble.

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