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What is the influence of temperature on the semi hermetic refrigeration compressor?

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In summer, when temperature is too high, some products which are sensitive to temperature are easily affected by temperature。 The use of semi closed refrigeration compressors has a temperature limit that exceeds or exceeds this temperature, and has an impact on service performance and service life。

(1) the influence of the exhaust temperature, in summer, the exhaust temperature of the compressor is relatively high, the hand can not touch. According to the national standard, R22 refrigeration system exhaust temperature should not exceed 150 OC, more than this temperature line is abnormal. The reason that the exhaust temperature is too high is that the suction temperature of the compressor is too high, or the condensation temperature is too high, and it must be noticed. The exhaust temperature is too low and the hand exhaust pipe is not hot. This shows that the suction temperature is very low, and the compressor may run in a wet stroke or with relatively poor running condition of the system. The compressor's wet stroke is easy to damage the valve structure; when the refrigerant is very little, it will affect the winding heat dissipation and accelerate the aging of the insulating material.

(2) effect of temperature change on the temperature field of a compressor and refrigeration system of the closed shell appearance of reciprocating piston compressor can be divided into two parts: the influence of A. on the machine shell by steam inhalation, the temperature is relatively low, in the micro hot or cool, estimated at around 30OC, condensation water in the surrounding local housing surface suction pipe may. B. the heating quantity of the motor in the shell and the friction heat brought by the frozen oil are mainly brought out by the steam.

1) the influence of the high temperature of the shell and the reason that the surface temperature of the shell exceeds the normal range, mainly because the suction temperature of the refrigeration system is too high (higher than 15 OC). Excessive heat vapor enters the compressor and absorbs heat in the housing, so that the temperature of the steam is higher, thereby increasing the temperature of the cabinet. The temperature of the superheated steam rises very high, and the temperature of the shell rises too high, which is harmful to the cooling of the oil. This will affect the lubrication of the moving parts, accelerate the wear and tear, and seriously cause the bearings to be dead (dead). It also causes an increase in exhaust temperature.

2) the influence of the low temperature of the casing and the reason that the surface temperature of the shell is below the normal range is due to the low temperature of the suction (lower than 15OC). It is beneficial to the cooling of refrigerant oil and motor windings, but the cooling capacity has declined. When the suction temperature is particularly low, most of the casing will be condensation, there is a risk of liquid percussion, which is a fatal blow to the compressor, should pay special attention to. At the same time, refrigerant oil dissolved in a large number of refrigerants, is not conducive to the lubrication of moving parts.

The general method of consumer testing semi hermetic compressor temperature are used to handle, because of the use of the thermometer is not very convenient, if it is found that the use of semi closed refrigeration compressor is not normal temperature, the need for timely treatment。

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