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How to calculate the refrigeration unit type selection?

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No matter what season, in fact, refrigeration units have been in use, the purpose is to allow the product to extend the shelf life. According to the refrigeration needs of cold storage in different areas, the specifications of refrigeration units chosen by manufacturers are different, and the following is a simple type selection calculation method.

Selection of compressor unit regardless of the brand, are based on the evaporation temperature and the effective work of cold storage capacity to determine the activity of cold storage, frozen or refrigerated goods also refer to the condensing temperature, storage capacity, import library frequency parameters.

Generally, the calculation formula of refrigerating capacity of high temperature refrigerator is:

The capacity of cold storage is 90 * 1.16+ positive deviation, the positive deviation is determined according to the condensing temperature, quantity of storage and the frequency of goods entering and leaving the warehouse, and the range is between 100-400W;

The calculation formula of refrigerating capacity of medium temperature refrigerator is:

Cold storage capacity * 95 * 1.16+ positive deviation, the positive deviation range is between 200-600W;

The refrigerating capacity calculation formula of cold storage compressor unit is:

Cold storage capacity * 110 * 1。2+ positive deviation, positive deviation range is 300-800W。

The use of semi hermetic compressor is very extensive, unit types are many, the type of unit, in the early stage can reduce capital investment, and in the use of after, also can reduce more energy consumption。

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