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Manufacturers of refrigeration units remind consumers that refrigeration units should be serviced regularly

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Refrigeration units, as the name suggests, is used for refrigeration, and its main components are compressors, condensers, expansion valves, evaporators and control systems, and so on. Among them, semi hermetic refrigeration compressor is the most important equipment, which is equivalent to the computer host or brain. Almost all jobs require the use of compressors to do the work. However, after a long period of time, the chiller will also be out of order, so it needs regular maintenance and maintenance.

In a good refrigeration system, regular maintenance is performed to ensure proper operation of all equipment.

The chiller operates in a wide range of temperature, pressure, and high speed. The machine is in operation. There will be friction, impact of air flow, temperature and pressure of the mutation, so the mechanical parts, components, equipment and quality of the entire refrigeration system inside clean, will directly affect the refrigerator working ability and service life.

In order to prevent the machine internal parts of the mechanical wear, metal fatigue caused by accident, injury, prevent the machine parts wear and tear beyond the limit value, the machine to maintain good performance and restore the machine's ability to work safely, prolong the service life, must let the refrigerator running after a period of time, maintenance plan (i。e。 regular preventive repair)。

Planned preventive maintenance is divided into two parts: Inspection and repair。 Through such inspection and repair, the combination of regular maintenance work, with a view to achieving the following three purposes:

1. Avoid premature wear of machine parts and keep good performance of refrigerator.

2, to prevent machine failure, eliminate accidents, hidden dangers, avoid unnecessary losses.

3. Extend the service life of the machine.

Normal mechanical equipment, only after proper maintenance and accurate maintenance according to the standard of maintenance。 When a minor problem occurs, it is resolved。 Regular maintenance, in order to better use of machinery and equipment, increase the use of machinery and equipment is the number of years。

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