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Refrigeration compressor manufacturers say the mechanical characteristics of refrigeration compressors

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Now the society is more and more developed, many products can be produced and used in the hot environment, so a lot of the time it needs to protect and use the use of refrigeration refrigeration system, the main place which is semi hermetic compressor refrigeration system. Therefore, in the refrigeration system for continuous research and development and updating of meaning, more is the semi closed refrigeration compressor for research and development and updating.

So, semi closed refrigeration compressor and how mechanical characteristics?

1, most of the closed piston compression mechanism, the amount of cold does not exceed 0.5KW, mainly used in home refrigerators / freezers and small commercial refrigeration equipment. [3]

2, scroll compression mechanism cooling range of 0。75 to 15KW (excluding special models), and most of the 3 ~ 5KW between, the most application is in small household air conditioning, commercial air-conditioning system。 This type of compressor is not used for refrigeration conditions at 5 degrees below zero。

3 、 centrifugal refrigeration compressor is mainly used in air conditioning unit chiller.

4, single screw compressor refrigeration capacity in 30kw-1500kw, can be used for cold storage, artificial ice and water chiller.

5, semi enclosed piston type refrigeration compressor is widely used, a single refrigeration capacity from 3kw-100kw, while multi head in parallel, thus providing a cooling capacity range from 3kw-1000kw, multi condition use, not only can be used in refrigeration condition, but also for air conditioning.

6, open piston refrigeration compressor, often used in cold storage, a small number of air-conditioning unit chiller.

This is the general mechanical characteristics of semi hermetic refrigeration compressors. Better semi closed refrigeration compressor can better improve production efficiency, better use of machinery and equipment for production. Chiller manufacturers produce high quality semi closed refrigeration compressors, refrigeration units, cold storage refrigeration equipment, affordable. Welcome to inquire.

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