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Semi closed refrigeration compressor

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British technology, professional quality, the new design of the third generation of semi closed screw refrigeration motor, small size, cooling capacity, high energy efficiency.

The rotor adopts the latest British Holroyd asymmetric screw type line, with good mobility and high efficiency。 After optimization design, the oil film on the tooth surface is easy to form。 At the same time, the United States AISI standard special screw rotor material with good rigidity and good wear resistance is selected, so as to ensure that the rotor wear is small and the service life is very long。

The motor is put into the compressor, the double deck body structure and the specially designed exhaust cavity and the built-in oil separator make the noise very small. The internal screw rotor of the compressor is a simple rotary motion, so the compressor vibration is very small. The noise and vibration Laoaishi classification confirm the measured values were 75dB (A) and 5u.

Capacity range: 125kW to 905kW

The compressor lubrication, the high differential pressure injection plus special primer design, ensure the compressor without oil pump, motor and hydraulic parts such as adjusting valve driven rotor bearing, adequate supply, reliable operation, at the same time, save oil pump, motor and other components, greatly reduce the failure rate.

The compressor suction ports are provided with efficient filtering device, the system does not filter out impurities, to ensure the safe, efficient and reliable operation of compressor.

The semi closed screw compressor adopts a new type of multi stage energy regulation. The range of energy regulation of each compressor is 50%, 75%, 100%. Specially designed smooth starting mode, small starting current, big starting torque, little influence on the power grid, and no interference with other equipment running normally.

Germany SKF high-precision bearings, high-precision machine tools, precision machining screw rotor, and in the oil film under the protection of stable operation, screw wear minimal, 5 years after the cooling capacity of less than zero point five percent attenuation.

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