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Purchase small refrigeration equipment and specify when to use

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Refrigeration motor is the heart of small cold storage, very important, the most important component of the running effect is the refrigeration unit.

Small refrigeration equipment is the heart of the refrigeration unit, small refrigeration unit models commonly used for general use of fluorine machine advanced refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment machine using fluorine refrigerant R22 refrigerant and other new small impact on the environment. The utility model has the advantages of small size, small noise, safe and reliable, high automation and wide application range, and is suitable for refrigeration equipment in small rural cold storage.

The refrigerating machines used in small refrigerators are combined with condensers and other devices. They are often called refrigerating units. The chiller has a water cooling unit and an air-cooled unit. The small cold storage is the preferred form of air-cooled units. It has the advantages of simple, compact, easy to install, easy to operate, less equipment, etc., and this kind of refrigeration equipment is also easy to see.

The chiller of refrigeration unit is the heart of refrigeration equipment, and the common compressor refrigerators are open, semi closed and fully enclosed. The hermetic compressor is small in size, low in noise, low in power consumption, high efficiency and energy saving. It is the preferred type of small cold storage, air-cooled chiller consisting of fully enclosed compressors, which can be made in the form of split air conditioners and mounted on walls.

Now the market is relatively good full closed refrigeration compressor, the developed countries imported or joint venture refrigeration equipment, product quality is reliable, but the price relative to the domestic high above confidential 50%, more suitable for small-scale cold storage refrigeration equipment.

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