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Four types of safety protection measures for compressors

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As the most important part of chiller, the motor of refrigeration compressor occupies an important position in the maintenance of chiller。 And the maintenance cost of chiller compressor is relatively high。 In order to reduce the maintenance cost of chiller, chiller Naser machinery for the protection of the compressor from the following 4 aspects。 In order to reduce the maintenance cost of chiller。

Prevent liquid shock

Under normal operating conditions, industrial water cooling refrigeration compressor should inhale refrigerant vapor, if the refrigerant flow rate, heat load changes too fast, improper operation may be inhaled vapor, or liquid refrigerant, and even lubricating oil into the cylinder into the liquid, if too much, too late discharged from the exhaust valve, the pressure in the cylinder will rise sharply to form liquid hammer, cylinder, valve, piston, connecting rod damage. It can take various protective measures, such as installing a gas-liquid separator, the liquid entrainment in low pressure steam is separated from, ensure the compressor dry stroke; installation of oil heater, at the start of the compressor to add lubricating oil, reduce the dose of soluble refrigeration in lubricating oil; or a spring pressed on the cylinder end with valve the component, form a false cover;

Two. Pressure protection

1, suction and exhaust pressure control: that is, we often say high and low pressure controller, by the high voltage control part and low voltage control part。 If the exhaust pressure exceeds a given value, the high-voltage control compressor power cut, the compressor is stopped; the suction pressure is less than a given value, the low pressure control section cut off power supply to the compressor, shutdown, and sends out alarm signal。

2. Safety valve: in order to prevent leakage of refrigerant to the atmosphere, the general use of closed safety valve, the safety valve is set in the chiller, compressor, exhaust chamber and suction chamber between the pipeline.

3, safety film: safety diaphragm is arranged between the suction and discharge chamber, suction and discharge pressure exceeds the set value, the rupture of the diaphragm, the exhaust pressure is reduced (to be installed in the suction side of the cavity filter, to prevent broken diaphragm into the suction chamber).

4, the lubricating oil pressure difference controller: the hydraulic pump and hydraulic pump outlet respectively and the entrance, entrance pressure differential oil pressure controller on the high-pressure outlet connected between the hydraulic pump, when the entrance pressure is too high or too low, the controller will cut off the compressor power, the motor stops running, protect the compressor。

Three, built-in motor protection

Overheating protection, to further ensure that the motor is not overheating, in addition to the correct use, pay attention to maintenance, but also can be installed and overheating relay; phase protection, three-phase motor common phase will lead to the starting motor or overload, overload relays can be used to avoid motor damage due to lack of phase;

Four。 Temperature protection

The temperature here refers to the exhaust temperature and the shell temperature of the industrial chiller。 Exhaust temperature protection method is mainly placed in the thermostat near the outlet, induction to the exhaust temperature is high, temperature control action to cut off the circuit; the shell temperature is set too high will affect the service life of the compressor, mainly due to the heat exchange capacity is insufficient, the air volume or quantity and temperature of condenser check whether it is right。 And check whether or not the refrigeration system is mixed with air or other non condensable gas, or if the temperature is too high, we should pay attention to observe and detect。

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