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What are the problems in cold storage and refrigeration equipment?

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Even in winter, the use of cold storage is very high, let alone in the hot summer。 In order to maintain the daily refrigeration work of cold storage, manufacturers will install cold storage refrigeration equipment in the cold storage, and the standard and reasonable installation and design is very important for cold storage refrigeration equipment。

The refrigeration compressor unit has no vibration reduction installation, or the vibration reduction effect is poor

According to the installation specifications, the overall damping device should be installed。 If the vibration is not standardized or there is no vibration reduction measures, the machine will vibrate violently and cause vibration cracking of the pipe。 The vibration of the equipment will be worse, even the engine room will be damaged。

2 the refrigerant line is missing or missing the oil return

Conveying refrigerant in the horizontal pipeline to bend, must make a first down after upward bending of the small U bend, this pipeline to uplink only qualified, not directly made a 90 degree turn up, otherwise, the oil inside the system it is not good to go back to the compressor, and a large number of deposited in the cooler, the fan and the whole system can not function properly, and even damage the fan unit.

3 the refrigerant pipe connection is not balanced

The unit in the pipeline connected to a set of multiple compressors, to make the oil return equilibrium distribution to each compressor, the main pipe interface is arranged in the middle position is located in multiple head, and then to both sides set up some branch pipe, let the oil return equilibrium into a plurality of branch pipes of compressor.

Moreover, each branch pipe shall be equipped with valves to adjust the oil return. If it is not, but from different parts of the main pipeline in turn leads to more downward pipe connected to a plurality of compressors, there will be oil return is not balanced, the first oil return is always the most full, behind a turn back to the oil gradually reduced. As a result, it may make the first compressor failure, great vibration, high oil pressure, superheated, resulting in compressor cylinder / lock and other accidents, the equipment damaged.

4 pipes do not keep warm

If there is no insulation material, the cold pipe will be frosting at ambient temperature, which will affect the cooling effect, increase the load of the unit, and then make the unit run over strength and reduce the service life of the unit.

Semi hermetic compressor, refrigeration unit and other refrigeration equipment need to check regularly and make adjustments to meet the refrigeration equipment itself will have the relevant control and alarm system, but not in the range of temperature and humidity will be timely alarm or automatic shutdown to protect semi hermetic compressor.

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