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How to avoid as much as possible compressor failure caused by lack of oil?

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Lack of oil in refrigeration compressor, that is insufficient lubricant in the compressor. Usually we use the oil mirror on the compressor body to determine whether there is lack of oil. Once the compressor is short of oil, there is little oil in the crankcase, not even lubricating oil. When the refrigerant compressor exhausts the refrigerant gas, it will also take away some of the lubricating oil. We usually call it "running oil" or "running oil", which is unavoidable. The semi hermetic piston compressor has about 2-3% of lubricant in the exhaust, and the scroll compressor is 0.5-1%. If the lubricating oil of the compressor is not returned, the compressor will be short of oil. Reduce the amount of oil in the refrigerant compressor. Generally, the oil separator or the return air pipe in the system can separate the running oil of 50-95%, and the oil return effect is good. But there is also difficulty in returning oil.

The pipeline is very long, cold storage refrigeration system with full liquid type ice making system and a low temperature freeze drying equipment, refrigeration compressor start after ten minutes or even tens of minutes to oil or oil return very little amount of case is not unusual, which requires the installation of high efficiency oil separator。

The lower the evaporation temperature, the more difficult it is to return the oil. The solution is the design of the evaporation pipeline and the design and construction of the return gas pipeline, which is beneficial to the return of oil. The common practice is to adopt the descending pipeline design and ensure a larger air flow rate. In addition to the use of high efficiency oil separator, usually also add special solvents to prevent the lubrication of capillary and expansion valve, and help to return oil.

When the refrigerant compressor is higher than the evaporator position, the oil return line on the vertical return air pipe is required. The oil return should be as tight as possible to minimize oil storage. The distance between the oil return bends should be suitable, and the number of oil return bends should be longer, and some lubricating oil should be added.

When the refrigerant leaks more, the gas return rate will decrease and the speed will be too low, which will cause the lubricating oil to stay in the air return line, and can not return to the refrigeration compressor quickly。

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