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Troubleshooting of screw refrigeration compressor unit

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Speaking of starting failure of screw type refrigerating compressor unit, because the compressor fault lead to start the case is relatively small, except for compressor quality problems, or as a foreign object in the gap between the rotor rotor, was stuck, unable to rotate; the compressor running time for a long time, there is no regular maintenance of the screw displacement; or rotor oil drop oil, coking coking phenomenon, leading to the existence of a screw, resulting in screw stuck。 The screw compressor unit can not start more reasons, this paper makes small and medium-sized to share with you。

1 、 the unit pressure is high。

2, power failure.

3, the body oil or storage fluid too much。

4 、 the pressure relay alarm is not reset.

5, low oil pressure, can not establish normal oil pressure.

6 、 the unit is in alarm and has not been reset.

7 、 zero load switch damage or zero load cam looseness (automatic machine set). There is no zero load signal input even when the compressor is in the zero load position. After starting, the compressor has been in the unloading state, and will eventually cause the spool valve not to move the alarm, the compressor can not start.

8, motor winding burnout or short circuit, check electrode can。

9, compressor and motor coaxiality is too bad, re correcting coaxiality.

10 control cabinet contactor, intermediate relay and other electrical components fault.

11 、 the wiring between the control cabinet and console is wrong, check the circuit.

12 、 wear and tear in compressor.

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