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How about energy consumption of air conditioning compressor?

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Currently on the market mainstream some big brands such as air-conditioning compressor, Yinhai Pine Valley home air conditioning compressor wheel brand, another Pitzer, Hitachi and Danforth, these brands, in terms of the quality of products is not what can be picky, reliability is also the industry day pride. Then, when users choose these machines, the most concern is performance and energy efficiency ratio, which is more power-saving, more environmentally friendly, of course, remove the price comparison. Today, Xiao Bian will take you to understand the performance of these air-conditioning compressors and energy efficiency ratio, where to see how to see?.

The performance of an air conditioning compressor is usually expressed in COP on a product manual, which is called the coefficient of performance of a refrigeration compressor. Represents the amount of heat per unit shaft power. Axial power (the power consumption of air conditioning compressor) refers to the power of the motor to the compressor shaft, mainly including the power consumed directly to compress the refrigerant and to overcome the frictional resistance of the moving mechanism.

Energy efficiency ratio (EER) refers to the amount of refrigeration of the input power of a unit motor。

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