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Introduction of oil and gas two way circulation of screw compressor

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Today, I want to share with you the principle of the two cycle operation of single-stage screw compressor。 The oil cycle, we know not only to provide lubrication oil machine, but also to participate in the cycle of cooling machine, which is the important working process; gas circulation, that is the compressor suction, compression and exhaust。 Let's take a look at it。

Oil circuit cycle:

Frozen oil separator through the oil cooler cooling, oil filter, a part of entering the compressor rotor cavity by the pressure difference, the other through the pump after the booster compressor bearing, shaft seal and balance piston etc。 into the compressor rotor cavity。 The refrigerant oil in the rotor is compressed together with the suction steam, and the high temperature and high pressure oil and gas mixture then enters the oil separator to separate the oil and gas。

Gas circuit cycle:

The low temperature and low pressure steam from the low pressure system enters the compressor after the suction filter is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas and then enters the oil separator and is discharged in the oil separator after separation. The unit with an economizer, the gas from the economizer, is fed into the compressor by the air supply filter and the air inlet (also called the two air inlet) is compressed together with the low temperature and low pressure steam coming from the low pressure system.

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