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Other factors leading to the failure of the refrigeration compressor

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1, environmental factors:

(1) the design temperature of the refrigeration compressor is 32 DEG C, which can be adapted to the short-term high temperature environment above 38 degrees centigrade。 If the refrigerator placed at smaller space, poor air flow, coupled with the hot summer, will cause the condenser and the compressor can be a good heat dissipation, the local temperature is too high (more than 45 DEG C), will cause the refrigerator cooling effect is poor, the full load compressor work here for a long time under bad conditions, high motor, valve group the temperature rise, easily damaged;

(2) the environmental temperature of the compressor is too high, which will lead to the increase of the balance pressure, which will lead to the difficulty of starting.

2, dumping: refrigerator compressor or compressor suction pipe or cylinder head side to side dumping, will make the frozen oil in the compressor into the suction muffler, if not normal for a period of time so that the outflow of oil and electricity operation immediately, the compressor easily inhaled liquid oil valve is damaged, liquid hammer. It may also cause excessive oil in the system pipeline and cause bad cooling.

3. Other factors:

(1) the vibration of the compressor and refrigerator during the transportation process is too violent or overturned, which may damage the internal parts of the compressor and cause trouble;

(2) when the compressor pipe is removed, the air is exposed for too long to cause moisture to enter, especially in wet weather.

(3) when the refrigerant is not stable for a period of time, the refrigerator is started immediately, and the suction tube in the compressor is sucked into the liquid refrigerant which has not been vaporized, thus causing the damage of the valve group (mainly the suction valve plate).

(4) the use of two does not meet the requirements will lead to refrigeration compressor damage: starter and protective device for each compressor have specified parameters, such as the PTC value of different resistance starter will affect the compressor starting performance; protection by allowing the temperature rise, the maximum current for the protection of the compressor, such as parameter low or high, it will cause the compressor protector the frequent moves, cause the compressor can not work normally or in case of overload (such as blocking, compressor overheating) lose protection and damage the compressor.

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