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How to use semi closed refrigeration compressor to save energy?

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With the increase of population, the scarcity of resources is becoming more and more serious, especially non renewable resources. It has become the focus of national wrestling. Semi closed refrigeration compressor is the necessary facilities of the cold storage. The main use is the electrical energy. In order to save energy and protect the environment, what can consumers do?

Energy saving method of centrifugal refrigerator

1。 refrigerator energy saving principle: increase evaporation temperature, reduce condensing temperature。 In order to meet the requirements of equipment safety and production, the evaporation temperature and condensation temperature will be increased as much as possible。 To this end, the cooling tower has been improved to ensure the cooling water efficiency。

2. to prevent and reduce the pipeline scaling to improve the heat exchange efficiency of the condenser and evaporator of water if you do not water treatment, calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate and heat produced by calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate deposition in pipeline. The performance of the condenser and the evaporator is reduced, and the electricity cost of the equipment is greatly increased. At this point, in addition to the use of water treatment technology, but also can use the pipeline regularly self-cleaning equipment for pipe cleaning.

3。 adjust the reasonable running load of refrigerator equipment

In the case of ensuring the safe operation of the equipment, the chiller operates at a 70%-80% load ratio and operates at 100% load, and the power consumption per unit of cooling is less。 In this way, the pump should be combined with the operation of the water pump and cooling tower。

4。, the frequency converter of the refrigerator is used to adjust the speed of the centrifugal compressor, and the low pressure refrigerant passes through the centrifuge to increase the pressure。 The greater the speed of the centrifuge, the higher the pressure。 In actual operation, the equipment is mostly running at non full load。 Fixed speed centrifuges cause waste of energy when the equipment runs at small load。 The frequency conversion centrifugal refrigerator can automatically adjust the speed of the compressor according to the change of the load, and the energy saving space is relatively large。

The refrigeration unit manufacturers are cold storage refrigeration equipment price is very affordable, but also strengthen the improvement in energy saving, time consumption in daily use can take these above detection is improved, so as to make use of more convenient energy saving refrigeration unit.

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