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The refrigeration equipment price is decided by refrigeration characteristic

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Immediately to the summer, the temperature will be higher, regardless of is an iced watermelon or various flavors of ice lolly, people refreshing refreshing good stuff. And these things want to have a suitable temperature, you need to use the semi closed refrigeration compressor, general refrigerator, cold storage will be used in semi closed refrigeration compressor, its main refrigeration way there are two:

1. compression refrigeration

1) screw type refrigerator: simple structure, less wearing parts, long service life, single stage compression ratio, and piston replacement tendency in large and medium refrigeration range.

2) piston chiller: technology development is relatively mature, high efficiency, the use of a wide range of temperature, can be made into large and medium-sized products of various specifications, is the most widely used refrigerator in various types of machines。

3) centrifugal refrigerator: the use of high-speed rotating impeller, refrigerant gas to obtain kinetic energy, and then through the diffuser to increase its pressure, and cooling, liquefied, throttling and cooling。 The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, large refrigerating capacity of a single machine, and energy adjustment, etc。。 The machines used for air conditioning use R11 and R12 refrigerants。

2. absorption refrigeration

The adsorbent is used to absorb the refrigerant, and the refrigerant is evaporated and cooled。 The commonly used ammonia water absorption chiller, water absorption refrigerating machine and lithium bromide, with the heat source as power, less power consumption, stable operation, the vulnerability of small, energy adjustment range, it is a new variety of refrigerator。

Two kinds of cooling methods have many advantages, consumers can choose according to their own needs in the choice, one is to look at the power consumption, the other one is to look at the cooling range and effect, if the site is small if you can select the compression refrigeration。

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