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Several energy-saving and efficient screw air compressor use skills

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The working efficiency of screw air compressor is under the condition of full load operation. For example, when the screw compressor has a nominal pressure of 8 kg, our own factory needs 6 kg pressure. Then the size of the air compressor selection right, screw air compressor when the full working pressure can reach 6-6.5 kg that has been loaded, this work has been for a long time, can be said to be more than what the permanent magnet or inverter compressor and the power saving.

There are many ways to save energy for screw compressor. In order to improve work efficiency to better air compressor, then the screw compressor suction and exhaust pipe design to do the planning, try to reduce the exhaust pipeline leakage and pressure loss, can achieve a certain effect of saving energy.

If there are multiple screw compressor need to run with it, you can implement multi unit air compressor control, through this way to automatically adjust the air compressor according to the size of gas consumption starting units, so as to avoid unnecessary air compressor in still keep running and caused a waste of energy.

The screw compressor has belt type and direct connection type, then the driving mode of direct screw type motor driven screw air compressor can effectively reduce the loss of mechanical transmission. And the energy-saving of screw compressor is realized by frequency conversion speed regulation. Variable frequency speed control can adjust the capacity, and compared with the intake throttle, it can save about three to 40% of the energy consumption. Also screw compressor microcomputer control, reducing the loading and unloading amplitude. In the case of ensuring the normal use of the gas equipment, reduce the set value of the exhaust pressure as much as possible.

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