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Screw air compressor to understand these problems, in order to run smoothly

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It is unavoidable that the screw type air compressor can malfunction during the daily operation。 Just like a car, it's normal to drive and break。 During the operation, sudden stop, high exhaust pressure, bad starting, even air compressor clamping may occur。 In view of the above problems, the reasons for the sum up of users and the corresponding troubleshooting methods。

A sudden stop in operation

1 、 the suction pressure is too low, lower than the lower limit value of the pressure relay;

2, the exhaust pressure is too high, causing high voltage relay action, power failure;

3 、 oil pressure is too low, oil pressure relay action relay;

4 、 motor overload, thermal relay action relay;

Removal method:

1, check the reasons, belong to the pipeline blockage, to smooth the pipeline, such as the system refrigerant is insufficient to supplement;

2. Check the cooling capacity or cooling air volume of condenser;

3. Check oil pipeline and oil pump;

4, check whether the supply voltage is low or cold load is too large;

Two, exhaust pressure is too high

1 、 the cooling air volume of air cooling cooler is not enough or the cooling water of water cooler is not enough;

2, cooler surface after scale or oil is too thick, causing heat dissipation difficult;

3. The air in the cooling system;

4, the exhaust pipe valve failure, resulting in excessive pressure;

Removal method:

1, check whether the valve is fully open, increase water supply or check motor voltage, speed, or drive belt is too loose;

2, cleaning scale, scrub oil pollution, so that cooler surface clean;

3. Cool off the air in the cooling system;

4。 Check the valve;

Three, the air compressor can not start

1 、 power off, fuse contact bad, burn;

2 、 the contact point of the starter is bad;

3 、 temperature controller malfunction or malfunction;

4 、 the pressure relay is not correct;

Removal method:

1, check the power supply, fuse;

2. Check the starter and wipe the contact with gauze;

3. Check the temperature indication position and check the components;

4. Check the component or setting value of the pressure relay;

Four. Air compressor jammed

1, lack of lubricating oil, resulting in an instant lack of oil, resulting in stuck;

2, lubricants, oil is not good, too many impurities, including impurities in the oil, carbon deposition, coking and so on;

3, air compressor bearing aging, with the running time, bearing will inevitably wear;

Removal method:

1, check the oil level, the oil shortage of the machine should first add sufficient oil, and then start the machine;

2, the choice of lubricating oil is the key, the use of good quality lubricants, oil changes in good time to maintain;

3, regular maintenance of the nose, overhaul。

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