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How to prolong the service life of air compressor?

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Air compressor price is not cheap, how to do maintenance, maintenance, and prolong the service life of air compressor has become the focus of attention of the majority of users。 Screw compressor has a long service life, usually in more than 10 years, but if you do not pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, the unit will have a variety of fault problems, not only will affect the performance, but also affect its service life。 Therefore, for the majority of users summed up: how to extend the service life of air compressor?。

How to prolong the service life of air compressor?

Daily maintenance: daily maintenance of air compressor is a must. Air compressor is a kind of mechanical equipment with complex structure and powerful function. Once the problem has gone out, it can not be found and solved in time, but it may lead to more serious consequences.

Regular maintenance: routine maintenance can be nipped in the bud, it is essential to do regular maintenance after use for a period of time。 Regular inspection and replacement of spare parts can ensure that the air compressor works in the optimum condition。 A good filter maintenance, timely cleaning or replacement of filter elements, can avoid a lot of equipment failure, give full play to the performance of compression and prolong the service life of air compressor。

Use environment: the use of air compressor, environmental temperature should be kept at 5-40 degrees, can not be placed in a sheltered place, not in high humidity, storage of flammable and explosive liquids, gases, volatile gas in the workplace. At the same time, keep the environment clean and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Periodic blowdown: after using a period of time, the gas tank will accumulate a certain amount of condensed water, so it is necessary to discharge condensed water periodically. In addition, when the air compressor is not in use, the air in the air tank shall be released and stored in a dry environment.

Good habits: develop good habits in the use of air compressor, compressor shutdown when not in use, should be promptly cut off the power supply; when the air compressor failure, do not blindly operate, looking for professional maintenance personnel or under the guidance of professional operation, to disconnect the power supply before operation, sufficient cooling standby.

Do you know how to prolong the service life of the air compressor? The air compressor is one of the major mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises now, good maintenance, regular maintenance, to develop good habits, not only can guarantee the performance of the air compressor, also can reduce the occurrence of fault, the air compressor longevity"

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