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Introduction of start-up mode of refrigeration compressor motor

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In the refrigeration motor equipment, the starting of the compressor can be started in different ways according to the size of the current limit. Here are some ways to start.

1, can start with capacitor start, commonly known as: CSIR, in the auxiliary winding circuit after the switch, the current through the start of the relay, the top of the electric shock, start capacitor, auxiliary winding, motor protection device。 The other current passes through the main winding and the motor protector。 After starting, the contacts on the top of the relay are disconnected, while the auxiliary winding stops and is no longer working。

Capacitor starting features: small current, simple structure, widely used in small refrigeration equipment within 300W.

2. Start with resistance starting mode. Commonly known as: RSIR. It consists of main winding, auxiliary winding and current relay. The elastic arm closes the auxiliary winding operation, and the motor begins to rotate. With the high speed operation of the point attack, the current of the main winding begins to decrease rapidly, and the elastic arm starts to open, and the auxiliary winding stops working.

Resistance phase separation characteristics: high current, small torque, resulting in reduced efficiency, applied to the small refrigerator with capillary.

3, with capacitor operation start, commonly known as: PSC. A motor in which the same capacitor is connected to the circuit of the auxiliary winding during starting or running. There is no starting relay in the circuit of this mode of operation, and the capacitor is mainly configured according to the rated working condition of the motor. The starting torque of a capacitor operated motor is smaller, but the torque increases as the speed increases. The power of the capacitor running motor is higher, the load is mainly borne by the main winding, and the auxiliary winding only takes a small part, so its overload load capacity is small. After the increase of the capacitance, the load of auxiliary winding increases, and the overload capacity increases. But the capacitor capacity can not be too large, otherwise, in no-load and light load, the energy efficiency ratio decreases.

Starting characteristics of capacitor and turn mode: it is mainly used in compressor with small starting load and torque.

4 capacitor start capacitor operation (CSR) CSR circuit has two kinds: (1) with PTC relay; (2) equipped with voltage relay。

When starting, the current is connected to the starting capacitor, the PTC relay, the auxiliary winding and the motor protector (in this case, the capacitor is connected in parallel with the starting capacitor), and another current is passed through the main winding and the motor protection device。 After starting, due to the role of the PTC relay, the starting capacitor no longer works。 The two capacitors act simultaneously at the start, thus increasing the starting torque。

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