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Application of industrial water cooler in industry

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In the production process, due to mechanical, refrigeration, motor, mold and industrial reaction to produce heat, when the temperature exceeds the material can bear the degree, the quality of the product is unstable, plastic products and electroplating production as an example. The cooling time in the production of plastic products accounted for more than 80% cycles, the importance of cooling time is reduced evidently, frozen water and absorb heat, so that the cavity temperature decreased rapidly, accelerate product shaping, shorten the open face. In electroplating production, the frozen water can reduce the temperature of the plating solution and keep the temperature within a certain range, so that the metal molecules can be rapidly attached to the surface of the plating along with the steady current, so that the product is smooth and the density is increased.

Industrial chiller (temperature range from +20 DEG to -25 DEG adjustable) is widely used in various industrial production, such as chemical (Science) industry, plastic products, plastic containers, film, plastic profiles, pipes, wire and cable sheath, tire industry, electroplating and cutting fluid cooling industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, hardware industry, food and beverage industry, shoemaking industry etc..

1, the chemical industry mainly used in chemical reactors (chemical heat exchanger) cooling cooling, take the tremendous heat generated by chemical reaction so as to achieve the purpose of cooling (cooling), in order to improve the quality of products。

Manufacturing industry 2, plastic products, plastic containers, food packaging film, medical packaging film, plastic products (TV, computer, washing machine, mobile phone, refrigerator, air conditioning, plastic toys, automotive plastic parts and so on) of the injection molding process, timely and effective cooling (cooling), will directly affect the smooth appearance the degree of product appearance and qualified rate, thus affecting the production efficiency, production cost and profit.

Plastic containers (blowing bottles) and packaging film production, but also more inseparable from the water cooler (ice water machine). Plastic containers in the production process, if not timely cooling stereotypes, the containers produced will not be full, uneven wall thickness, color is not bright, and even can not be formed, resulting in lower quality products. In the production of packaging film, if there is no cold water (wind) cooling molding, it can not produce qualified products. If the cold water (cold water) supplied by cold water machine is used to cool, it can not only greatly improve the quality of products, but also improve the production efficiency.

3, plating solution, hydraulic oil and machine tool coolant cooling: electroplating production in electroplating solution is to generate heat in the plating reaction, so that the plating solution temperature gradually increased when the plating solution temperature high technology requirements, the electroplating products surface coating produced strong uniformity flatness and surface roughness has great influence. The selection of cold water supplied by cold water machine (ice water machine) to cool and maintain the constant temperature of electroplating solution will greatly improve the electroplating process and production efficiency. The cooling of the cutting tool, cooling of the machine tool and the temperature control of the tool edge will directly affect the service life of the tool and the quality of the product.

4, pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical industry is mainly used in the production workshop temperature, humidity control and production of raw materials in the process of reaction heat out.

5 、 electronics industry: in the production process of electronic components, components should be kept or cooled at a specific temperature, and the performance parameters of electronic components can be controlled in the design state.

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