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Properties and selection of refrigerants

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A refrigerant is a medium used to absorb the cold of a refrigerant and then to cool other substances, also known as a refrigerant. It acts as a refrigerant to transfer refrigerant in an indirect refrigeration system.

Requirements of refrigerants for refrigeration motors

Refrigerant selection should take into account factors such as freezing point, specific heat, corrosion, and price of metals。

1。, the specific heat is large, the specific heat is large, and the carrying capacity is large, which can reduce the cycle of refrigerant。

2。 low viscosity and high thermal conductivity。

3., the freezing point is low and suitable, because the freezing point is too low, will lead to decrease in specific heat, viscosity increases.

4. odorless, non-toxic, safe to use and less corrosive to metals.

5。 low price, easy to buy。

Two, common refrigerants and properties

There are many kinds of refrigerants, which can be gas, liquid or solid. Common refrigerants are air, water, and saltwater solutions.

1. air and water

Air or water is the cheapest and most readily available refrigerant. The utility model has the advantages of small density, safe and harmless, almost no corrosion to the equipment, etc.. But the specific heat of the air is small, so air is used only as refrigerant when it is cooled directly. Although water has the advantage of high specific heat, but the freezing point of water is high, water can only be used as refrigerant to produce more than 0 DEG C. Brine shall be used as refrigerant under 0 centigrade.

2. brine solution

Brine is the most common refrigerant, made from salt dissolved in water. Commonly used brine is mainly aqueous solution of sodium chloride and calcium chloride solution.

The nature of a brine is related to the amount of salt contained in the solution. It is particularly important to point out that the freezing point of brine depends on the concentration of brine. The curve in Figure 2-1 shows the relation between the freezing point and the concentration of the brine solution.

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