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Screw series1

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The process of extracting heat from a space or object below the ambient temperature and transferring it to an environmental medium is called refrigeration。 Refrigeration technology is to meet the needs of people under the conditions of environmental temperature generated and developed。 The two concepts of refrigeration and cryogenic are distinguished by the temperature at which they are made, but they do not have a strict range。 Usually, the range from ambient temperature to 1 plus K belongs to refrigeration, and the range from 12OK to absolute zero (0K) belongs to low temperature, and the refrigeration under 120K is generally called cryogenic refrigeration。 Refrigeration and low temperature are not only reflected in the different temperature levels, but also reflected in the working fluids and cryogenic methods, but there are overlapping intersections。 The machines and equipment necessary for refrigeration are called refrigerators。 For example, a mechanical compression chiller consists of a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, and a throttling mechanism; an absorption chiller includes a generator, a condenser, an evaporator, an absorber, and a throttling mechanism。 In the cooling machine, in addition to compressors, pumps and fans and other machines, and the rest of the heat exchanger and a variety of auxiliary equipment, collectively referred to as refrigeration equipment。 A device that combines the refrigerator with the equipment that consumes cold capacity is called a refrigeration device, such as a refrigerator, a cold storage, an air conditioner, etc。。

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